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Aims and Scope

     MANUSYA: Journal of Humanities is a peer-reviewed journal sponsored by Chulalongkorn University. The main objective is to provide an intellectual platform for lecturers, graduate students and researchers in the field of humanities to publish their research articles. The journal publishes papers on various issues in the humanities within the disciplines of history, philosophy, language, information studies, literature, music, dance, dramatic art, visual art, creative art, architecture, environmental design and applied art. The regular issues are published twice a year in March and September. Besides, we occasionally publish special issues. For those who want to submit an article, please see "Notes to Contributors" at the end of the journal.

Regular Issue

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Recently Released (19 January 18)

Special Issue No.23, 2017
Issue Editors Phrae Chittiphalangsri, Koraya Techawongstien


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Recently Released (19 September 17)

Regular Issue Vol.20, No.2, 2017
Issue Editor: Wilaiwan Khanittanan

List of articles ...

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Recently Released (24 March 17)

Regular Issue Vol.20, No.1, 2017
Issue Editor: Suradech Chotiudompant
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